Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Global NewsX takes the matter of its visitors/users’ privacy very seriously and we strive to offer you a safe surfing experience. By proceeding further, you hereby conform to the data collection methods used by Global NewsX.

What Type of Information Do We Collect From You?

The information we gather is either directly concerned with you (name, email, username, password) or indirectly (platform, language preferences, operating system, time zone setting, mobile device id, IP address, location data). If you are a registered user of Global NewsX, then we also collect the data regarding your engagements with the site’s elements (blogs visited, links clicked etc.) while you are logged in.

How Do We Collect Information?

One of the ways in which we gather user data is when they register on our platforms. During the sign-up process, you will be required to enter your email address, name, username, the desired password, and other relevant details. This data will surely be shared with us as well.

Additionally, when you decide to enter in a competition promoted by Global NewsX, you are asked to fill out a certain survey or reach out to us to report or inquire about something, the data shared by you is provided to us.

If you use your social media profiles to create an account on Global NewsX, we automatically retrieve certain information such as email address, profile picture, name and other data in accordance with the policies of the respective social media services.

 Also, if you proceed with a purchase through our site by clicking on an affiliate link placed along with the content, the third-party (from whom you are getting the item) can also provide us with your data that they collected before finalizing the purchase i.e. transaction data, contact details and financial information.

How Can We Use Your Data?

Your data that we collect, process or use is in accordance with the consent you provide us with before we retrieve the relevant information. The legal obligation we are subjected to also has an influence over how we use your data.

As for its uses, your data can help us in:

  • Identifying and analyzing you and your interests on this site. Cookies and other similar technologies help us with this task.
  • Processing your feedback and providing you with the best communication and support services, provided that you require our assistance with something.
  • Registering you on our website.
  • Notifying you in case any change occurs in our terms of use and policies.
  • Conducting Surveys and researching on your interests in order to mold our services according to your preferences.
  • Allowing you to enroll into contests and competitions promoted by us.
  • Presenting you with premium quality content and ads as well as assessing their effectiveness.

Who Do We Disclose Your Data To?

We can share your data with:

  • Companies owned by us.
  • Third parties responsible for providing us with services such as analytics, research, ad networks and financial services. In case these parties require your data for their own use, we will proceed only when you provide us with your consent.
  • Law enforcement agencies, in case they require our assistance in some sort of investigation related to tackling an illegal activity.

How Do We Keep Your Data Secure?

We take extra measures to ensure that the data you share with us is protected at all costs. We do this by limiting the amount of information accessible to our agents, service providers and third parties. Moreover, the security measures we follow require our partners and third parties to abide by the duty of confidentiality as well as the instructions provided by us.

Do We Have Your Consent?

By taking note of the above-mentioned points and continuing with Global NewsX, you hereby agree that we reserve the right to collect the data that may either directly or indirectly identify with you. The data we collect will be utilized for fair use in all cases.

For any inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us!


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