Raise Your Kitty Cleanliness Game With This Cyber Week Deal on Litter-Robot

I love my two cats, but cleaning their litter boxes is not my favorite chore. Still, cats gotta go when they gotta go, and that means owners gotta clean. If you’re a cat owner dealing with similar issues, it might be time to investigate a self-cleaning litter box, like the Litter-Robot 4 by Whisker. Now’s the time to purr-use the options, because the company is offering $75 of all bundles — but this Cyber Monday deal is almost over, so you’ll need to act quickly.

CNET staffer Ry Crist borrowed two cats, Cheese and Chad, to test the Litter-Robot 4 and shared the kitty’s reactions. You’ll want to read his review before deciding if this box is for you. Turned out one cat loved it, and the other didn’t. But Ry was still impressed with the design and features of the Litter-Robot 4, and it also includes a 90-day return policy if your cat doesn’t take to it.

An orange cat sits inside of the Whisker Litter-Robot 4, a robotic litterbox that automatically sifts pet waste into a drawer for easy cleanup.

A CNET staffer tested the robotic litter box with two cats, one of whom loved it and one of whom … was not sure about it.

Ry Crist/CNET

After a cat uses the Litter-Robot 4, it has a drum that slowly rotates, letting all the clean litter fall through the grate and leaving just the clumps behind. Then, it spins back in the other direction, revealing a hole in the drum. Once that hole makes it to the bottom, the clumps fall through into the waste drawer below. It then turns counter-clockwise again to pour the clean litter back into place. It also senses a cat presence and pauses the action if your curious friend sticks its head in while the cleaning cycle is going on.

All this convenience doesn’t come cheap. But the company is currently offering its biggest deal of the year on Litter-Robot 4 bundles. You’ll get $75 off the bundle of your choice, which consist of slightly different add-on options like a litter-trap mat, waste-drawer liners, odor trap packs or a supply of litter. You can go basic or fancy with your bundle — some even include furniture, such as a farmhouse-style credenza, to hide the box from view.  

But whatever option you choose, do it soon: The $75 savings on the bundles ends Thursday, Nov. 30. 

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Source: CNET

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